5 signs you need furnace repair in your home this winter

Winters here in Elgin and South Elgin are coldThe last thing that you want is your furnace breaking down on a particularly cold night. Not all breakdowns can be prevented—that’s why we offer 24/7 furnace repair. But, others can be stopped before they happen, if you know to look out for the signs you need furnace repair in your home.

In this blog, we’ll review five signs you need to contact JNJ for furnace repair service.

Pictured: Protect your home with the signs you need furnace repair

Protect your home by watching out for the signs you need furnace repair.

What are the signs you need furnace repair?

In order to remain perfectly warm and cozy inside your home, you should call a professional furnace repair technician from JNJ if you see or observe any of the following signs.

1. Your furnace has a strange smell

Strange smells can indicate that something is wrong with the furnace. Different smells indicate different problems. For example, the smell of dust or mold is probably a sign that the filter needs cleaning, while the smell of smoke, burning wires, or sulfur indicate potentially more serious problems.

If you smell the latter, shut off the gas supply valve and your furnace, and call JNJ immediately. It’s possible that a sulphur smell, for instance, can be a sign that you have a gas leak in the main line.

(Just a note: Carbon monoxide leaks typically mean you’re dealing with a colorless and odorless gas. That’s why it’s important to keep a working, powered carbon monoxide detector in your home, and to have a technician look at your furnace every season)

2. There is weak airflow from the blower

If warm air barely comes from the vents, it can indicate furnace trouble. This generally happens due to an issue with the furnace fan, motor, or belt. Your furnace is running, but struggling to get warmed air to your living spaces. This is a big problem: not only will your home quickly lose heat, but your system will continue to strain to produce it, leading to increased wear-and-tear.

Call JNJ, and one of our experienced technicians will quickly get to the bottom of the problem and perform the necessary furnace repairs.

3. Your energy bills have increased

If your energy bills have climbed this winter, the most probable cause is an inefficiently operating furnace. A system that is not tuned up properly will draw more energy to warm up the room. This will lead to a bigger energy bill.

Also, take note that heating systems lose energy-efficiency over time as they age. If your furnace is more than 10-to-15 years old, you should consider investing in a new unit, instead of continually repairing the existing one.

A newer system will operate more efficiently and you can recover some of the cost of upgrading with lower energy bills in future winters.

4. Your furnace’s burners are burning yellow

If the color of the burner flame is yellow instead of the usual blue, it indicates a fault with the heater. Immediately call a furnace expert to diagnose the problem and get the issue resolved.

5. Your furnace is no longer producing hot air

This is different from the problem outlined in #2, since this has to do with the heat of the air, not hte airflow itself. This can indicate your furnace has a problem, or it could be an issue with your thermostat.

In some cases, a faulty thermostat will send false temperature readings to the furnace, leading it to heat or not heat inappropriately, throwing your home’s comfort out-of-whack.

Call JNJ for 24/7 furnace repair in Elgin and South Elgin

The above are the most common signs your need furnace repair. Here’s our advice: Always contact a certified and professional technician for furnace repair. If you reside in Elgin or South Elgin, you find them at JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning.

Our professional technicians can quickly identify the issue and repair your furnace. Contact our team today for 24/7 furnace repair.

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