5 Tips From JNJ Heating & Air For Optimal Winter Heating

Winter Heating Tips From JNJA heating device is the first line of defense when cold weather invades your home. Your comfort and peace of mind depends on your furnace or heat pump. Keeping it running is essential to your winter heating. This is why JNJ offers furnace repair.

Here are 5 essential tips to ensure that the heater offers optimal winter heating.

1. Clean or replace your furnace filter

You should clean your furnace filter at least three to four times a year. Cleaning the filter is essential for optimal winter heating. A new filter may be required after a few years of operation.

This is particularly true if the heater is placed in areas that are exposed to dust. When the filter is kept cleaned, it makes the system work efficiently and keeps the energy bills low.

2. Clean the blower

Cleaning the blower is also important for efficient functioning of the heating system. The blower is situated next to the filter in most heating systems. Dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate inside the blower resulting in inefficient operation.

The blower, belts, and pulleys will all have to be cleaned to remove the accumulated dust. An experienced technician can access the blower after removing the filter cover, and clean it with a damp cloth.

3. Clean the ventilation

Most gas furnaces contain a venting system. The ventilation system can become clogged with dust and debris over time. Blocked ventilation prevents the heating system to work optimally.

A technician will use a large brush to clean all the vents. The vent cover is also removed and the inside is washed using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean vents are essential for efficient operation of the heating device. It also prevents the heater from drawing too much energy, thereby keeping the energy bills low.

4. Clean flakes from the burner

Flakes are produced due to burning gas in the furnace that fall on the burners. Overtime, flakes accumulate in large numbers, impeding the gas flow. They also harbor moisture that can damage the heating device.

To ensure optimum heating, it’s important to have your JNJ technician take out the burner and clean the flakes that fall to the bottom of the furnace housing.

5. Have JNJ set up a combustible air duct

Running a combustible air duct to the unit from the outside will prevent backdrafting. Backdrafting refers to buildup of negative pressure when the air is released faster from the house. The negative effect chokes the system and can result in inefficient heating.

Call JNJ for furnace maintenance for winter heating comfort

In the end, the best tip to ensure optimal heating is to get the heating system regularly serviced by experienced technicians. Regular maintenance will ensure that the system works efficiently without breaking down during the winters.

JNG Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with experienced and reliable heating technicians for heating maintenance. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services in Elgin, St. Charles & Hoffman Estates.

You can rest assured that your heating system will operate optimally when serviced by our expert technicians. Contact us today!

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