Here are six common air conditioner mistakes that can cost you

common air conditioner mistakesEveryone makes mistakes, but it’s important is to learn from them. What’s even more important (and less costly) is to learn from the mistakes of others. Here, we have compiled a list of five common air conditioner mistakes that people make and what you can do to prevent them.

Mistake #1: Not scheduling AC service with JNJ

This is the most important and most damaging mistake people make with their air conditioner. They assume that their air conditioner will keep running the way it is, without maintenance, until it dies. That’s just simply not true: your AC unit requires annual service.

AC service can help your system run more efficiently during the summer. It also helps your AC unit avoid repairs, and can lead to a longer and more effective system lifespan. Don’t make the most rookie of all air conditioner mistakes. Instead, contact JNJ to schedule your AC service.

Mistake #2: Not replacing your air filter

Air filters prevent dust and dirt from entering the system. Over time, the filter becomes clogged, preventing proper air flow. Since the system is not able to pull the required air, it becomes heated easily, resulting in increased wear-and-tear. In addition, when the system strains to get the necessary amount of air, it uses more energy. That increases your electricity bills.

You should have the filter checked at regular intervals. The filter needs to be cleaned or replaced if it’s dirty. Also, it’s important that you buy air filters having MERV rating greater than 5. Filters having a higher rating last longer. They also help in improving the quality of air indoors.

Mistake #3: Placing the outdoor unit in a location with lots of sun

Another costly air conditioner mistake is having your outdoor unit installed in just any unused space outside the house. This is because placing the unit in a hot location can result in an overheating problem. You should consider putting the unit in a shaded area to prevent the problem of overheating.

Mistake #4: Putting bushes in front of your AC unit

Another grave mistake regarding air conditioner is allowing bushes and shrubs to grow around the outdoor unit. This will hinder ventilation, resulting in inefficient cooling. Also, it can clog the condenser coils, which may lead to a system breakdown.

You should check and cut any grass or plants that are growing around the unit. Not sure how close is too close for bushes and shrubs? Call JNJ for your AC maintenance and we’ll give you some advice on how to better position your AC unit.

Mistake #5: Placing a source of heat close to the thermostat

You should avoid placing your home’s thermostat near a heat source. Placing the thermostat near objects that generate heat, such as lamps or heaters, can result in the air conditioner adjusting for that temperature—not the actual “room temperature” in your home.

As a result, the air conditioner will overwork, resulting in accelerated wear-and-tear—and a home far frostier than you bargained for.

Mistake #6: Closing vents or placing objects that block them

Closing vents by placing objects over it is also a mistake that can lead to the need for air conditioner repair down the road. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the vents, since this makes the system strain to generate cool air. Closed vents also greatly decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner, resulting in high cooling bills.

Call JNJ for more advice on how to avoid common air conditioner mistakes

The above are some of the costly mistakes that you should avoid to prevent major air conditioner problems. If you want to get in touch with a professional air conditioner technician in Elgin, IL or the surrounding areas, contact us.

We have a team of certified and licensed professionals who can solve all kinds of air conditioner problems.

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