How To Avoid Heating Losses & Cut Energy Bills

Avoid Heating Loss & Cut Energy BillsHeat loss is a common issue for most homes, both old and new ones. Loss of heat from the house not only prevents optimal heating, but also increase your energy bills.

Heat loss represents wasted energy. This wasted energy can make a big dent in your pocket in the form of increased energy bills. Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways you can conserve energy inside the house and cut energy bills.

Here are three effective ways you can prevent heat loss in order to save both energy and money in heating the room.

1. Heavy curtains cut energy bills

Installing heavy curtains over the windows is a very good option for preventing heat loss. You can close them during the night and then open during the day to let heat inside the house. You can install thermal linings over the curtains for extra protection.

Just make sure that you don’t hang the curtains over a radiator. Hanging the curtains over the radiator will prevent the system from properly heating the room and can pose a fire hazard, as well.

Apart from keeping the room warm, heavy curtains also have the advantage of blocking out the light during the summer mornings. This will allow you to sleep undisturbed when the sun rises in the morning.

2. Keep proper ventilation in kitchen and bathroom

You must keep the right level of ventilation in the kitchen area. The kitchen area tends to produce a lot of steam. Excess steam or moisture can absorb heat from the room.

Proper ventilation can ensure that the moisture gets out of the room without allowing the cold draughts to get in. Also, you should put lids on the pans to prevent excess evaporation. Using pressure cooker is a good idea as it will reduce not just the cooking times, but the moisture level, as well. You can also use a microwave, as it does not need ventilation.

Another area of the house where moisture builds up easily is the bathroom. Many people keep the windows open to prevent buildup of moisture. But a better and more effective option is to use an extractor fan. You can find a high-quality extractor fan in your local store.

3. Proper insulation makes all the difference

The best advice to prevent heat loss is insulating the walls and ceilings. Insulation of the area between the attic and living space is particularly important in preventing heat loss. This will prevent cold air from entering and keep warm air to circulating inside the house.

As a result, less strain will be put on the heating system to warm the room, resulting in cut energy bills as well as elongating the lifespan of the heating device.

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