Here are four ways to keep AC costs down this summer

Summer is here and, for most people, this means increased electricity bills due to the heavy usage of the air conditioner. Air conditioning costs take a major chunk out of most people’s budgets. However, you don’t have to pay a hefty amount to keep cool at home. In this blog, we’ll discuss four ways to keep AC costs down this summer.

keep AC costs down

Following the tips given below will not just result in reduced energy bills, but it will also increase the lifespan of your unit and most likely result in the less frequent need for repairs.

Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you keep your electric bills down. If you have not installed one, you should seriously consider installing it to keep your cooling costs down.

The device allows you to set different temperature settings during different parts of the day. You can set a higher temperature when everyone is out of the house or during the night when you’re sleeping.

Use your air conditioner the right way

Contrary to what you might think, you should not set the lowest possible temperature. Instead, keep the temperature at which you feel comfortable.

Remember: every degree you raise the thermostat will save you about two to three percent in cooling costs. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor area, the less will be the bill.

Seal any air leaks and holes

You should plug up any holes in the house. Cool air that spews out of the vent can escape through the holes. Consider getting an energy audit to ensure that there are no air leaks inside the house. Caulking and foam insulation can help seal the holes.

Another way to save is to schedule Aeroseal duct sealing service with our team here at JNJ.

Use shades during the sunniest part of the day

Storm windows, blinds, and shades can block the intense rays of the sun from entering your home and raising the temperature. You can also find curtains that are especially designed for blocking light. Keeping the sun rays from entering the room will require less cooling. Ultimately, this will result in reduced energy bills.

Call JNJ for AC service and AC maintenance

Proper air conditioner maintenance is important to ensure the energy-efficient operation of your AC unit. When the cooling device is properly tuned up, the system will cool the room without drawing extra power. The system will be able to generate cool air without any strain.

As a result, you’ll keep AC costs down in the summer. Also, the efficient operation of the cooling unit due to a system tune-up will help increase the lifespan of the system.

Keep AC costs down this summer with the help of JNJ!

If you want to get the help of experienced technicians in Illinois, Elgin, or surrounding area, you can contact JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning. We have a team of experienced and licensed technicians who can perform all kinds of air conditioner repair and maintenance tasks.

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