How To Maximize Heating Efficiency Of Your Furnace

Heating Efficiency of the FurnaceKeeping the furnace operating at peak heating efficiency is important. This will not only prevent the furnace from breaking down unexpectedly, but also save you money in terms of fewer repairs and lower energy bills.

So, how exactly can you maximize the heating efficiency of the furnace?

Here are five tips through which you can ensure that your home furnace keeps operating efficiently, thereby providing you with money-saving benefits.

1. Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to save significant costs in energy bills. The fact is that having the thermostat at the same temperature throughout the day even when you are outside is unnecessary. A programmable thermostat can allow you to set the temperature in an efficient manner. You can set the temperature lower when the occupants are outside the house, and increase the temperature when you return.

2. Ensure proper ventilation

To ensure optimal operation, it is important that your heating device is venting properly. This is important not just for efficient operation but also to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning inside the house. A professional furnace technician can ensure that the furnace is venting properly and that carbon monoxide is not leaking from the system. Also, you can consider installing a carbon monoxide detector inside the home for the protection and safety of the household.

3. Have the seams sealed

The conversation watchdog Energy Star has stated that about 20 percent of the air is typically lost due to leaks. You can save in energy bills by properly sealing the seams. Keep in mind that duct tape is not the right option for this purpose. Instead, you should consider using duct sealing mastic or adhesive backed foil tape.

4. Insulate your house

Proper house insulation is another way to ensure optimum heating efficiency. You should consider insulating the attic as warm air is mostly lost through this area. Also, you should consider insulating the walls, windows, doors, as well as ductwork to ensure optimal furnace heating. For duct insulation, you should consider using blankets, tubes, and wrap on rolls.

5. Schedule regular maintenance with JNJ

Regular maintenance of the furnace is also important to ensure optimum heating. You should consider getting the furnace checked before the start of the winter season. A professional technician can thoroughly check the system to ensure that no mechanical faults are present that can comprise the heating ability of the furnace.

During the routine inspection, the furnace technician will clean the filter, adjust the parts, and perform necessary repairs to ensure that it does not break down during the middle of the winter. Keep in mind that you should never try to service or repair the furnace yourself as it can be extremely dangerous.

Call JNJ for your heating tune-up and heating efficiency checkup

In order to get in touch with professional and certified technicians in Elgin, Illinois and the surrounding areas northwest of Chicago, you can contact JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning.

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