5 reasons to schedule your fall furnace service with JNJ

The fall season has arrived here in Illinois, and winter is not much farther ahead. Is your furnace ready? To make sure that your heating is set for the snow and wind, call JNJ to schedule your fall furnace service.

Furnace maintenance can help you avoid system breakdowns, lower your energy bills, and more. To schedule your service here in Elgin, South Elgin, and surrounding communities, call the team at JNJ at (847) 697-6805, or contact us online.

Here’s why you should schedule your fall furnace service with JNJ

Schedule your fall furnace service

Picking up the phone to schedule your fall furnace service is one of the best things you can do for home maintenance this autumn.

Here are five big reasons you should give JNJ a call:

1. Ensure that your furnace works great when you need it most

Temperatures here in Elgin and South Elgin are dropping at night throughout the fall. It won’t be long—if you haven’t already—before you turn on that furnace for the first time this season. Make sure it’s ready to go with furnace service.

When you call JNJ for maintenance, one of our professional technicians will inspect your system and make sure everything is in good, working condition. We’ll also address regular tune-up needs and optimize your furnace for the winter ahead.

Take it from us: there’s nothing worse than turning on the thermostat during the coldest day of the year to find that it’s not working. Can you say frozen pipes? Prevent this problem by scheduling furnace service with our team.

2. Lower your energy bills this winter

One of the main reasons you should consider scheduling furnace maintenance with JNJ during the fall is that it will ensure that the furnace works efficiently. An energy-efficient furnace will provide effective heating to your home without the high bills.

If you’re interested in saving money, schedule your fall furnace service with JNJ.

3. Increase the overall lifespan of your furnace

Service can also ensure that the furnace works for a long time to come. Without a regular checkup, furnaces can die a premature death. With a proper tune-up, the furnace can last for two or even more decades.

4. Improve your indoor air quality

A professional technician will inspect the furnace to ensure that there is no dust or mildew formation after the long, hot summer. Moreover, the professional technician will inspect the air filter if required. These actions can result in improved air quality inside the house.

5. Make sure your home is safe this winter

Scheduling maintenance during the fall is also important for the safety of the household. During service, our professional technician will check for problems with the heat exchanger that could lead to a  carbon monoxide leak.

Trust JNJ: schedule your fall furnace service today!

To get in touch with the team at JNJ and schedule your furnace service this fall, give our team a call at (847) 697-6805 or contact us online.

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