4 signs you need a new water heater in your home

Water heaters, like most of the other appliances we have in our homes, only last so long. As they age, they don’t work quite as well as they did when they were new. In this blog, we’ll review 4 signs you need a new water heater.

4 signs you need a new water heater

Pictured: JNJ tech repairs a water heater in town.1. Your water heater is old

On average, water heaters last for about 10 years. That doesn’t mean that some can live much longer than that—it’s certainly possible. However, at the decade mark, you should at least be thinking out the need to replace the unit.

If your water heater is an old one and has lived its life, it is better to spend some money on replacing it altogether than spending money every other day on its repair. Before you make the decision of replacing the old water heater with a new one, you need to make sure it is old enough to not function properly.

Not sure when your water heater was manufactured? Check the top of your unit—there should be a date.

2. The anode rod is spent

The combination of heat, water, and metal—put together for several years—eventually equals rust. The way water heaters prolong this fate is by having a sacrificial anode rod “take” the rust from the system. However, this sacrifice only lasts so long. If your anode rod is spent, you’ll probably need a new water heater.

The best way to see if you need a new system is to call JNJ. We’ll inspect your anode rod and determine how many years your system has left—or, if the rod can be replaced without the need to replace the whole tank.

3. The water coming out of the faucet is rusty

After the anode rod has outlasted its useful life, the tank will begin to corrode. In some cases, you may see rust-colored water coming out of your tap. How do you know it’s from your water heater and not from your pipes? You should only see this color of water when the tap is turned to “hot.”

Unfortunately, if your corrosion is this far gone, we’ll probably need to replace the system.

4. You’re running out of hot water faster than before

As a water heater ages, sediment builds up in the tank, especially after the sacrificial anode rod is spent. This displaces the room formerly used to store hot water for use in your home, meaning that your system runs out of hot water faster than before.

This is often a deal-breaker for large families, where multiple family members need to take showers in the morning or at night. If your water heater is coming up short, it’s time to call JNJ for water heater replacement.

Call JNJ for new water heater installation

If you are not sure whether you need to replace your water heater or not, get the advice of the experts here at JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer specialized water heater services and believe in offering high-quality services to our clients. Contact our team today!

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