Here’s how to troubleshoot AC short cycling problems

AC Short Cycling ProblemsAir conditioning systems normally operate to maintain the desired temperature by switching between on and off positions. This process is known as ‘cycling’ and is essential for keeping the room at the desired temperature. Most of the time an air conditioner cycles in a normal manner. However, over time, problems develop with the unit, resulting in AC short cycling problems.

Short cycling refers to the air conditioner switching on and off more frequently. Improper cycling can lead to a host of problems with the cooling device. It’s important that you have the system checked by a professional air conditioner repair technician to resolve short cycling problems.

Common reasons for AC short cycling problems

Short cycling can occur due to many different factors. Some of the common reasons for the problem include the following.

Ice building up on evaporation coils

A clogged condensation line can result in the buildup of ice inside the unit. When this happens, it forces the air conditioner to strain in cooling the rooms.  As a result, the system is forced to shut down soon after turning on.

Oversize unit

An air conditioner that is too large for the house will short cycle. The unit will cool the rooms quickly and then turn off. The short cycling leads to extreme swings in the temperature that causes great inconvenience. Also, it leads to increased wear and tear of the unit as well as increased energy bills.

Low refrigerant levels

Short cycling also develops due to low refrigerant levels. In case the refrigerant is low, the unit will not be able to cool the rooms properly. This puts stress on the system due to which it will begin to short cycle.

Dirty air filter

A clogged and dirty filter is another reason for short cycling. The reduced air flow makes the air conditioner strain more to generate the cool air. This puts extra pressure on the critical components inside the air conditioner such as the compressor and the blower motor. As a result the system heats up quickly resulting in short cycling.

Defective air conditioner wiring

A corroded, rusted, or frayed wiring of the air conditioner can lead to short cycling. Also, defective switches and relays can also cause the problems. These issues lead to short cycling problems that must be addressed by a qualified electrician.

Thermostat location

A thermostat that is exposed to drafts or sunlight can also lead to short cycling problems. Putting the thermostat at the proper location can resolve the issue. You should consult a professional AC technician to check whether the thermostat requires rewiring to another location to solve the issue.

The above are the most common reasons for short cycling. If you suspect that the air conditioner is short cycling, it’s important that you immediately turn of the air condition and contact a professional technician to inspect the unit.

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