Air Conditioning Service

Heating and cooling makes up over 50% of your energy costs.  By properly maintaining cooling equipment, you save money and enjoy improved comfort.  Your air conditioner requires professional service each and every year.   Preventative maintenance, performed by JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning, will ensure dependable performance for your system, even during those dog days of summer.  Instead of sweating the humidity, waiting for replacement parts, you’ll enjoy enhanced humidity control and greater comfort.

Your air conditioner is an intricate collection of components, working together to deliver refreshingly cool air to every corner of your home.  To keep the entire system in top condition, make annual maintenance part of your spring to-do list.  The optimum time to schedule service is prior to the heavy work load of summer.  If your equipment has been neglected and is living on borrowed time, it will most likely succumb to malfunctions when it’s working the hardest.  The NATE-certified technicians from JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning will restore efficiency, extend system lifespan, troubleshoot for potential repairs and guarantee a much more relaxing summer.


Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective and simple means of safeguarding your air conditioner from needless problems, extended run times, and contamination.  Through intensive cleaning, tightening and calibrating, JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning promotes safe and consistent operation for less money.  If ignored, worn, dirty or broken components lead to bigger issues, and eventually, complete system failure.  Our trained servicemen will check refrigerant levels, operational noise, electrical connections, condensate drains, voltage, blower assembly, thermostat, condenser coil, pulleys, belts and ductwork for integrity.  We’ll complete a comprehensive cleaning to remove mold, mildew and fungi that thrive in the dark, cool interior of your equipment.

While sitting dormant during colder months, your air conditioner accumulates dust and even insects, plant matter, and decomposing animals.  This debris not only insulates coils, reducing airflow and possibly freezing condensate, it also leads to bacteria sprayed directly into your home.  Dirty equipment cannot operate as efficiently, control humidity or provide clean air for you to breathe.  Dirt also necessitates components working harder to reach set temperatures, and therefore wearing out sooner.  Eventually, your cooling system is going to fail, costing much more than simple maintenance once a year.

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It’s only smart to prepare your cooling equipment for the upcoming summer.  The licensed technicians from JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning have the training, tools and resources to greatly increase the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home.  We are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, ensuring up to date knowledge of equipment and technological developments.  We service all brands, not just those we install, and as a Comfort24-7 Provider, our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.  We respect your home, safeguarding floors and never leaving behind old equipment, packaging, or damage.  We respect your time, arriving promptly and dressed in uniform.  At JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning, we go the extra step to provide a rewarding experience every time you call us.