Heating Service

You count on your furnace during those long, cold months of winter.  In order for your heating equipment to live up to your expectations, regular maintenance from trained professionals is necessary.  Through preventative maintenance, JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning will significantly increase the efficiency of your system, ward of repairs and extend lifespan.  There is no down-side, and the benefits save you money and improve comfort.

Professional Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance services

Seasonal tune-ups are cost-effective.  During an annual service call, the JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning specialists will anticipate potential difficulties, and through proactive measures, will avoid larger, more costly problems down the road.  An HVAC inspection in the fall allows for replacement parts to be ordered and installed before you need your furnace.  You’ll also be able to depend on your heating equipment to handle the tough winter months without succumbing to sudden difficulties.  Fine-tuning your systems allows it to operate smoothly, with less strain on components, promoting longevity.

Heating System Service From a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer

Annual service promises to maximize both heat output and efficiency.  The NATE-certified professionals from JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning will restore your heating system to original performance level, delivering quieter, more powerful comfort at a reduced cost.  There is no other way of removing the dust that builds up over summer months.  Once dust penetrates the cabinet and settles on inner workings, you might not see it, but your furnace is working much harder to reach desired temperatures.  Friction and reduced airflow, caused by dirt build up, forces longer heating cycles, costing more in energy and possibly overheating the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger has an important function.  It separates the return air from the home and the hot exhaust from the combustion of gas. During the process of burning natural gas, the byproduct is energy in the form of heat, along with water vapor, carbon dioxide, as well as carbon monoxide, soot and nitrogen oxides.  A cracked heat exchanger could potentially lead to serious health problems if combustion byproducts enter the air stream.  Although your furnace might seem to be doing its job, it may present a very real danger to your home and family.  When you call JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning for complete inspection, we will identify and resolve any problems, safeguarding the health and safety of your home and family.

Heating System Maintenance in South Elgin, Elgin, Bartlett, and St. Charles, IL

JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, guaranteeing you technical skill, extensive resources and the use of Factory Authorized Parts.  We are a Comfort24-7 Provider, so our work and installed components are guaranteed to meet your complete satisfaction.  We service homes and businesses throughout South Elgin, Elgin, Bartlett, and St. Charles, IL, protecting your heating equipment, home and family through quality workmanship.